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Under this menu item I want to give you lots of information on my own snake stock.

In portraits I introduce all of my snakes with pictures and short CVs. Under breeding stats you can see which of my animals I have bred in the past but also which ones I have bred / I'm planning to breed this year. In my picture gallery you can find selected pictures of different Thamnophis and their color variations.

In memoriam shows all those garter snakes that are not in my stock anymore, because they either died or were sold to other keepers. Under the item movies a few films starring some of my very first Thamnophis can be found. In enclosures I show you many pictures of my terrariums and their specialties. You might find that interesting if you are planning own enclosure-projects.

The last item - offspring research - gives you the chance to do some genealogical research for your snake. Every customer will receive a key number with which he can then find out about his snake's parents, grandparents and so on. All available data will be listed so that the customer can easily see, of which bloodlines his snake is and what potential lies in them.  

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