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I would like to present some snake literature. Id like to point out that the list is not exhaustive - Ill only list and recommend books that I have read myself. Next to the bookcovers you can find a short summary and my evaluation of the book. Please keep in mind that it is my personal evaluation and that other readers might of course have a different view.

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"The Garter Snakes" by D. Rossman a.o., University of Oklahoma Press

This book is a must for every English-speaking garter snake keeper. The authors give interesting information on field herpetological observations, areas of circulation and past taxonomic changes. There also is a more general part on care and taxonomy and with unfortunaly in most cases just picture of most of the popular but also rare Thamnophis.


"The Snake Scientist" by Sy Montgomery, Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books

I can really recommend this book on garter snakes. The texts are easy to read and contain many spectacular insights on the behavior and way of living of the red sided garter snakes in the snakedens in Manitoba. The many pictures make the book especially interesting.



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