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sale modalities

Not everyone who is interested in buying one of my snakes has the opportunity to come and visit me and have a look at my animals. I'm always happy if prospective keepers contact me, come by and look at my cages and ask many questions before they finally choose their animal. But of course you do not have to pick up your snake in person.


how and where can I get the animals?

I provide the opportunity to bring reserved animals with me to the fairs that I visit. A list of all fairs that I attend can be found in the news-section.

Besides that I'm working together with an animal transport company with which the snakes can be sent to any place within Germany and to the bordering countries. For information on prices see below.

If you live further away, the snakes can be sent via aircraft to any city of the world that has a bigger airport within less than 24 hours. Scroll down for information on prices. If you wish a personalized offer, please let me know to which airport you want the animals to be sent. Note though, that I can only let you know those costs that incurre on the German side. Please find out yourself what custom fees and costs for the vet at the arrival airport you will have to pay.



A binding reservation is only possible of you pay a deposit of 20% of the animal's price. After receipt of the payment the animals will definately be held back for you until the agreed delivery day. If you cancel your reservation the deposit remains with me to cover my expenses. In case the animal dies in the period between payment of the deposit and delivery you will of course get back all of your money immediately.

I'm ready to keep and care for your animals for four more weeks after you made the reservation. If you are planning to leave the snakes with me longer than that I will charge you a lump sum of 5€/animal for every further four weeks.



Before I'm sending the animals on their journey, no matter where they go, all costs, including shipping costs, have to be paid.

Payment can be done in several ways. Within Germany a simple bank transfer is probably easiest. Right after the money is on my account I will contact you to talk about the further steps, like for example finding a delivery day and so on.

When you live abroad please transfer the money via SWIFT and IBAN. As soon as the money appears on my account I will get in touch with you.

There's also the possibility to pay via Paypal. With this service you will receive a confirmation from Paypal when the money is on my account. I prefer using Paypal because it is fairly cheap and offers security for both sides.



I ship the animals in plastic boxes that I put in thick-walled Styrofoam containers. To secure the animals from being shaken about during travel and to give them a chance to hide I put kitchen towel in the plastic boxes. To keep these boxes from moving in the Styrofoam container I use a few pages of newspaper. You will not be charged anything for the packaging.

On the plastic box you will find the date of birth, the scientific name, the litter number of your animal.

The animal transport company picks up the snakes between Monday and Wednesday and they will deliver one day after that, so between Tuesday and Thursday. Usually transport takes about 18 hours. Delivery takes place in a 3-hour time frame that you can chose. During this time somebody has to be there to accept the shipment. It is possible to make arragements with the transport company to have the package brought to your workplace.



Up to now I have send my animals to those countries in the below list. If your country is not on that list, please contact me and I will find out about transportation costs. All the prices are approximate prices that can give you an idea of what transportation will cost. Of course I will let you know the exact price once you have decided to use the animal tranport company. The prices are calculated for a single box, which offers place for about nine young snakes or two bigger animals. Every further box will cost around € 2,00 - 5,00 (only transport company).



approximate price
animal transport company    
Germany   € 33,00
Netherlands   € 42,00
Austria   € 45,00
Luxemburg   € 45,00
airplane (no limitation to 9 young animals in the box!)    
Japan - Okinawa   € 280,00

further possibilities

Besides professional shipping occasionally there's the possibility for privat transportation. Regular destinations can be seen in the list below. If you can guarantee to pick up the animals at one of these cities the drivers will take the snakes with them for a small allowance of € 10,00.

Please feel free to ask, when the next trip to one of the cities will take place. 

destination   frequency


  every other month
Bielefeld every other month
Bonn   four times a year
Cuxhaven   once a month
Dresden   once a month
Hannover once a month
Regensburg   twice a year
Rotenburg/Wόmme   once a month

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