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Welcome on my site about Thamnophis spec.

I created this page to give an insight into the fascinating and interesting world of the garter snake (Thamnophis). I especially want to address those of you, that already have some experience in this field, because garter snake are no animals that should be held by absolute beginners.

In any case, a certain experience in dealing with
snakes is necessary if you want to successfully care for a Thamnophis. Here you can find some literature that might be helpful.

On my page I don't want to give lectural descriptions of garter snakes, because there are already many other excellent pages which do that. You can find
links to those pages under "links".

I rather want to give the visitors of my page an insight into my personal
experiences which are not necessarily identical with facts one can find in textbooks.

I hope you will enjoy my page. I'd appreciate it if you left comments or suggestions in my guestbook!

Thanks a lot, Daniel

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